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The Year That Wasn't

Posted on: January 4, 2012 3:32 pm
Well, another year is past, another short season.  Let's review:

First, we were all just happy the lockout finally ended.  For months lawyers made serious Benjamins but the deal was struck in the nick of time so no regular season games were lost.  Training camps suffered though and the Cowboys were evidence of that.  Some hate Rob Ryan's defense calling it too complicated, too exotic...considering the lack of off-season, maybe that's a fair assessment.   Maybe he should have scaled back and kept it simple.

Who am I kidding, it's too painful to keep writing this!  Bottom line is much work must done on defense!  Our secondary all sufferred 3rd degree burns from being lit up all season.  The line applied minimal pressure to any QB not in a Rams uniform.  DeMarcus Ware played his butt off and he looked tired as all get-out against the Giants in week 17. 

Every one of my fellow Cowboys fans on this site seems to hate me for hating on Romo.  He almost proved me wrong, but in the end, Romo came through with another 8-8 season.  I'll give him mad respect for coming back from a rib injury, worse than Michael Vick who sat out a couple of weeks.  The offensive line didn't help much either.  The one bright star on this team left us with a broken ankle, DeMarco Murray.  He carried an injury tag from College right into the NFL, hoepfully he can shed that next season.  Felix Jones proved to once again be fragile...maybe he could be trade bait?  Then again, how much money is tied up in him?

Dez Bryant was kind of quiet, but when you're doubled as much as he was, that figures.  Laurent Robinson was a gem of a free agent picked up from the Chargers...he made the most of his opportunites.  Makes me wonder why Romo isn't throwing for a million yards with these guys not to mention Jason Witten and Miles Austin....oh that's right, Miles pulled a hamstring trying to keep up with the Kardashians before fumbling to a basketball player...LOL.

In closing...most of us were hoping for something respectable this year, I for one didn't have SB hopes.  Next year excuses!  Garrett and Ryan will get a full off season with no lockout.  Jerry Jones can redeem his poor GM reputation by cutting dead weight like Newman and maybe just maybe he'll draft decently again.  Bryant and Smith were good picks not to mention Murray.

2012....IT'S TIME!!!!  If the world doesn't end of course....LOL
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Posted on: January 4, 2012 7:30 pm

The Year That Wasn't

The season was a long journey of disappointment upon disappointment. I thought Rob Ryan would create a spark on defense that we needed and it looked good the first three quarters before flailing in the fourth against the JEts. We'll learn from that we told ourselves...Week 2 brought the opposite feeling, we made a comeback and though we didn't know who the 49ers were at the time, it was a great win indeed and Romo can quiet the haters for a while manning up with broken ribs. Squeaked out an always tough opponent the next week and it looked like things were going to get better. Than, we found an even more embarrassing way to lose by blowing a 24 point lead to the Lions. Went into the bye week with hope and after played a solid Patriots team. And we found a way to lose that game as well. As well as the Cardinals and Giants games when things were looking good.
I don't know how to describe this season. Disappointing seems too generic. The Packers lost some close games last year and used those games in a positive way. Our Cowboys seemed to become more mentally challenged after each close loss. That starts with the coaching. As much as I like to see Garrett get canned, it won't happen. The next best thing would be to allow him to be the head coach and bring in a bright mind to take the Offensive Coordinator responsibility. Garrett is too predictable and sucks at in game adjustments. That first half game plan against the Giants was horrible. It was like he was too scared of Romo's hand. The biggest disappointment of all our coaches is Rob Ryan. Not only did our defense regress, they had a loud mouth bafoon as their leader. Anybody who talks smack on Calvin Johnson should be shot in the face. We need all of our DBs to piece together like Power Rangers just to guard Megatron. I wouldn't have been offended if Calvin Johnson ran to the star and took a dump on it after he caught his game winning TD. We deserved that because of our hill billy DC who has to buy new boots every week because he eats them on Sundays. If Rob Ryan gets a head coaching job after this season, the NFL is even more incesstual than I say they are which was thought to be impossible.
The draft will be interesting to watch. If we took 7 DBs, I would be happy with our draft. The OTAs will be huge as we do have the talent to get things done next season. A slow start should spell doom for Garrett like it did Wade Phillips.

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